Services provided by solVo LLC:

Arbitration:  the arbitrator issues an award after hearing parties present their cases.   Traditional arbitration, High-Low arbitration and Last Best Offer  arbitration (aka Baseball arbitration) are available.

Mediation:  the mediator helps the parties communicate and reach a resolution.

Early Neutral Evaluation:  After a case is filed in court but before the parties have spent any time or money on discovery, the attorneys present the key issues in the dispute to a neutral third party who then informs the parties of the strengths and weaknesses in their case.

Mediation-Arbitration: the parties may first mediate their dispute and if mediation is unsuccessful they arbitrate any unresolved issues.

All services are provided on an hourly basis pursuant to the terms of an Alternative Dispute Resolution agreement provided upon request by solVo LLC.

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    Efficient, experienced and practical resolution of business and commercial disputes.

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    To loosen, untie, unbind. Working to resolve your commercial and business disputes.

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